KA | BKSA accredited Kiteboarding Coach 2✖️🇳🇿 National Champion 4✖️🇳🇿Vic State Champion 2✖️🇬🇧 Pro & Junior Champion
One on One 1.5hr Coaching

One on One 1.5hr Coaching

1.5hr One on One Coaching Session.
Class includes:
  • Introduction / Class plan. (Personalised to your level.)
  • Equipment check, rigging and tuning tips.
  • Rider assessment > on the spot coaching.
  • Focused target setting / development advise.
  • Progression breakdown / theory with on the spot coaching.
  • Closing photoshoot & class feedback.
Prerequisite: The rider can consistently stay upwind.
Class focus can be general development, Freestyle, Freeride, Wave or Foiling.
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