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KING OF THE AIR Coaching Event

KING OF THE AIR Coaching Event

Why did you start Kiteboarding?

For most people the possibility of flying through the air using mother nature was the main driving factor for learning to Kiteboard.

The KING OF THE AIR event is for those who want to progress and develop their Kiteboarding skills within the realm of going big. It could be boosting hight, travel, control, progression, board offs for example, dangle passes and all those other variations. Bring these goals with you.

During the event I will use a proven step by step process that I've developed to support you achieving your personal goals. I'm confident you will leave the event going bigger with more confidence and control that you ever have before. 

Bring your big boy pants and some motivation. I will guide you through being your own King Of The Air!

Historically the spots to these events run out fast, so be quick!

*This event will be held at Andersons Inlet, INVERLOCH November 28 2020. The event will run from 10:00 through to 17:00. In the event of no wind, the event will be postponed until the next Saturday. If you are unable to attend for any reason, you can re-book for the next available date. 

*You must have a current valid Kiteboarding Australia Membership to participate. Why? See here.