KA | BKSA accredited Kiteboarding Coach 2✖️🇳🇿 National Champion 4✖️🇳🇿Vic State Champion 2✖️🇬🇧 Pro & Junior Champion


My name is Dan Sweeney, I'm 27 years old, born in the UK and I've been living in Melbourne - Australia for 7 years.
I've been Kiteboarding for 15 years, 9 years of which I've been proactively coaching water sports enthusiasts from novice to aspiring professionals. 
I'm recognised as an accredited coach by Kiteboarding Australia and the British Kite-sports Association.
Within my 15 years Kiteboarding I've achieved results such as 2X Australian National Champion, 4X Victorian State Champion and 2X Pro & Junior Champion.
I'm committed to provide unique and original coaching content, events and accessibility for water-sports enthusiasts. To make a difference to those who want to step outside their comfort zone and achieve what makes them tick. Fly higher, ride harder, perform what seems impossible. 
My coaching philosophy.
There are plenty of talented, high performing water-sports enthusiasts in the industry. Doing it and teaching it are two distinctively different things. 
All people are different and learn differently. I've spent the time creating fundamental tools to give you accessible stepping stones to achieve your goals, without the miss-leading and over complicating content you see out there these days. 
The tools I use for my coaching events and sessions include but are not limited to, Interactive Theory - Video Analysis - Real time on the spot guidance (remote headsets) - Equipment technical support - Demonstrations and De-brief sessions. I also have access to all industry leading equipment to help you along the way. 
Whatever your level, I'm confident you'll go away redefined and performing at a new peak.