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Kiteboarding Australia Freestyle Nationals - Semaphore, SA 2020

Posted by Daniel Sweeney on

Awarded 3rd at this years @kiteboardingaus Freestyle Nationals. 🥉🤘🏼 🏁
People who know me understand I’m competitive & love this sport.
I wont stop Kiteboarding at this level until I can’t sustain it any longer despite my working and family life outside of Kiteboarding.
I’ve got work to do, to keep up with the evolution of the sport and I’m exited to redefine and redesign the way I do freestyle Kiteboarding in 2020.
See you next year 😈

Congratulations to all involved!
An additional thanks to the brands working with me who I choose to ride and support @slingshotaustralia @slingshotkite @pod_active.
Thank you @kiteboardingaus @snowfoto_au @adrenalineboardsports and SA!
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